Billboards On The Go™

Mobile advertising is a digital ad that is displayed by a moving vehicle. It is a cost effective means of getting your message out to consumers. Mobile Billboards LLC serves NC, SC, VA with creative mobile digital billboard advertising designed for your marketing needs. Our moving billboards are custom routed to achieve greater exposure for your business. We offer flexibility. You can change your ad as often as you like. Our truck draws attention to your message by bringing it directly to the consumer.

We offer PRIVATE RENTAL PACKAGES for weddings, reunions, televised sports games, etc. Ask about our video, audio and streaming options which will enhance the entertainment value of your event. We also offer EXCLUSIVE ADVERTISING PACKAGES where your message would be the only advertisement displayed on our truck for the day.

Combine mind blowing state of the art video technology, direct engagement advertising and deep knowledge of consumer behavior and movement to reach an endless opportunity of customer growth. Call the staff at Mobile Billboard LLC to expose your brand today!

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